Information for Homeowners

In an attempt to crackdown on cowboy builders, illegal gas workers and dangerous DIYers the rules around gas have changed.

Homeowners will now receive a safety certificate (called a Declaration of Safety) from CORGI after a gas appliance has been installed, and if they don't have this certificate, they won't be able to sell their house.

Fears that many people are cutting home improvement costs by hiring unqualified tradesmen to fit their gas appliances, or worse are attempting to do it themselves have prompted the change.

CORGI is urging householders to keep the certificate safe as it proves the appliance has been installed by a professional. The certificate will become an essential part of the Home Information Pack, a Government initiative to make it easier for people buying and selling homes. The Home Information Pack will be introduced throughout England, Wales and Scotland from the beginning of 2007 with the aim of protecting consumers when they buy a home.

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