Gas Leak Repairs

Whilst we would prefer that our customers never experience a gas leak, we all know that these things do happen. Over one million gas escapes were reported to the National Gas Emergency Service in one year�? so it’s important that you are aware of your responsibility in the event of a gas leak. If you are a homeowner you are responsible for your internal gas supply pipe, which runs from the gas supply meter through your home to your gas appliances, including all the gas pipes within your home.

You must call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 if you experience a gas leak. In the event of any outdoor leak they will fix the leak free of charge. However, if you need them to come into your home they are only permitted to spend up to 30 minutes trying to repair the leak*. If the cost of repair exceeds £4.65* then they may have no choice but to make the property safe by isolating the supply and in some cases shutting off all or part of your gas supply.

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